Straight Out of Brooklyn, the $5 Slice

According to the New York Times, “On Avenue J in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, a small cup of coffee costs $1.39. An 18-stick package of gum is $1.49. And at Di Fara Pizza, the price of a plain cheese slice: $5.”

“Crowds form at the counter at Di Fara and spill onto the sidewalk. They are not an angry mob, but a hungry one. Some order two slices, for $10, and some, like Frank Mancino, a retired electrician from Bath Beach, Brooklyn, whose girth is a statement about his allegiance to pizza in general and Di Fara in particular, order a whole square pie, for $30”

“’Worth it,’ said Mr. Mancino, 64, between bites on Wednesday afternoon. ‘It’s like they dug up my grandma and she made the pie.’”

“Di Fara, one of the most acclaimed and sought-after pizza shops in New York City, now sells one of the most expensive — and still-sought-after — slices in New York City, on a no-frills Brooklyn block next door to, of all places, a 99-cent store. The price of a slice increased to $5 on July 1, up from $4, the cost for the past year and a half. Just about everything else went up as well: Plain round pies are $25 and specialty square pies are $35. There are those who have called Di Fara and left nasty messages on the answering machine, and there are those who have made a special trip to Midwood in recent days to find out what a $5 slice tastes like.”