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Stevi Bs Debuts Breakfast Pizza Featuring Americas Favorite Omelet

ATLANTA – (Feb. 1, 2010) – For years, Stevi B’s Pizza has received request after request from franchisees and customers to serve up another unique specialty pizza – one that combines breakfast, a beloved meal at anytime of the day, with pizza, one of America’s most beloved food choices.  Time of day is usually irrelevant when you want pizza or breakfast, so Stevi B’s once again captures the hearts of pizza lovers everywhere by rolling out the best of both worlds – a fresh, piping hot breakfast pizza.

According to a study from research firm Technomic, consumers consider breakfast foods comforting and many wish they could eat it at any time of the day.  In further research, Technomic concluded that a growing trend for 2010 is that many eateries will start serving breakfast dishes at any time of the day to meet the growing demands of customers.  In its commitment to distance itself from national pizza chains, Stevi B’s Pizza is serving another distinctly unique pizza made with the freshest ingredients on top of its made-from-scratch dough.

The winning recipe is the western omelet breakfast pizza made with eggs, green peppers, red onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and a cheddar jack cheese blend.  The world’s most visible omelet enthusiast, Howard Helmer along with Good Housekeeping Magazine, recognize the Western Omelet as America’s Favorite.  Nevertheless, if a customer is interested in a different breakfast pizza, all of Stevi B’s pizzas can be made to order based on the customer’s specifications.  If a customer prefers sausage, egg and cheese or ham, egg and mushroom pizza, Stevi B’s will create the customer’s pizza at no additional cost.

“We are very excited to debut breakfast pizza at all of our 35 Stevi B’s locations,” says Matthew Loney, president of Stevi B’s Pizza.  “We anticipate our breakfast pizza to win the hearts of consumers who do enjoy deviating from traditional lunch and dinner options.  We also expect a great response on the weekends where breakfast pizza will place us into the brunch segment. After several months of development, we are confident that Stevi B’s breakfast pizza will taste delicious and offer customers the same quality ingredients that are in all of our specialty pizzas.”

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About Stevi B’s Pizza

Stevi B’s Pizza, the industry’s only national “premium” pizza buffet restaurant franchise, was founded in 1996 in Atlanta. Recently purchased by Argonne Capital, an Atlanta private equity firm focused on growing restaurant and retail companies into category leaders, Stevi B’s Pizza currently has 31 franchised and four company-owned locations in seven states throughout the United States. Recognized for serving the highest quality pizzas “made from scratch,” Stevi B’s is a family friendly, community-driven brand that offers a distinct menu of specialty pizzas such as the Loaded Baked Potato, Chicken Fajita, Cheeseburger  and Spinach Alfredo served fresh and at a great value in an atmosphere that is fun for adults and children. With the recent rollout of a new store design, Stevi B’s Pizza is primed for growth throughout the United States. Follow Stevi B’s Pizza on twitter at or on Facebook at  For more information, visit or contact Stevi B’s by e-mail at