Based in Portland, Oreg""on, 20Fifteen opened for business less than five months ago, but the company is already turning the advertising business on its head with high quality television commercial campaigns that local and regional businesses can actually afford.

Unlike a conventional ad agency, 20Fifteen’s model is to produce finished commercials that are then made available to local businesses on a licensing basis. The company’s lineup includes commercials for radio stations, tanning salons, hair salons, dentists, and pizza parlors.

By sharing the costs of production with similar businesses in other markets, individual business owners can have world-class advertising at a fraction of what it would cost if they were to create it themselves.

There are other benefits that aren’t immediately obvious as well. Since the advertising is already finished, 20Fifteen’s turnaround is much quicker than a conventional ad agency’s. Clients can generally be on the air in as little as a week.

There are also no surprises. Clients don’t have to imagine how a storyboard will translate into a commercial. And since production is already finished, there’s no risk of overages, production disasters, petulant stars shutting down a shoot, or weather delays.

20Fifteen creates campaigns, not individual spots. So clients also benefit from a cohesive, long-term ad strategy that can build for years.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that business owners don’t have to sit through endless meetings or hire experts in marketing to manage the development of the creative work. 20Fifteen handles every aspect of the process, from customizing each spot for clients to placing targeted media buys that reach viewers in specific geographic areas.

In the pizza parlor category, 20Fifteen has already produced three campaigns. One campaign of nine spots is a sophisticated lampoon, based on a character the agency invented: the Pompous Snob. He’s the antithesis of the young, hip urbanites who frequent most pizza places –– he’s rich, elderly, and erudite. But when he tries to convince viewers that he’s far too superior to enjoy something as banal as pizza, subtitles reveal the truth.

The second campaign takes another tack to deliver a more retail-specific message. It features adult film star Shyla Stylez, who appears just as little Billy makes a wish and blows out his birthday candles. The ambitious production also features a never-seen-before camera effect.

The third campaign takes a simple idea –– pizza that tastes so good that it will transport you to another place –– and adds an unconventional spin. Over the course of six commercials, viewers watch the drama unfold as one bite of delicious pizza transports a guy, a pretty girl, and the man’s wife from their respective homes into each other’s lives.

20Fifteen is the brainchild of Brian Belefant and Kelly Pierre, who together have more than a quarter century experience creating national and international ad campaigns for huge brands. They know how powerful television advertising can be, and they want to bring that power to smaller businesses.

For more information, please call Kelly Pierre at (503) 893 2980 or visit

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