Squisito’s Dives Into Franchising

According to, “The Italian word “Squisito” translates loosely into “exquisite.” Gennaro DiMeo, founder of Squisito Pizza & Pasta, has used this descriptor as a benchmark for his establishment for more than 12 years. The chain embraces a fast casual ordering setup and price-point ($8-$10) while touting its full-service menu.”

“And while many restaurants rush to grow as big and as fast as possible, Squisito’s plans to take things slow and steady even as it embraces a newly created franchising plan. The Maryland-based concept has expanded gradually since its inception and now includes nine locations throughout the state. The objective within the next two years is to continue at a conservative pace even with the franchise opportunities. Squisito’s has certainly been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. For example, a few years ago, the company opened a quick-service model and operated it for a year before deciding it just didn’t fit its mold.”