Spreadable bacon makes any food taste better.


Meat candy, salt pork, strips of heaven, there are many names for one of America’s most beloved food ingredients—bacon—which seems to make any food taste better. For salads, sauces, appetizers, sandwiches, cocktails and, of course, pizza, bacon might as well be regarded as a condiment. Now it’s easier than ever to include bacon in your signature dishes with Bacon Jam, the first commercially available bacon spread (finally!).

Bacon Jam is sweet, spreadable bacon that’s dense like a meat spread. The bacon is hickory-smoked with a black pepper rub, giving a complex, smoky and peppery taste. The bacon is finely chopped and cooked to a crisp, then folded with onions and brown sugar to give a spreadable texture and an irresistible sweet and salty flavor.

Bacon Jam is a shelf-stable product that doesn’t need refrigeration until after it’s opened. The spread allows you to easily add bacon to anything you’re preparing. There’s no more pausing to take bacon from the cooler to fry on the fly. As a fully cooked product, Bacon Jam eliminates concern over the food safety issue of handling raw pork products. Finally, the food cost after cooking regular raw bacon compared with Bacon Jam is similar. 

Bacon Jam is perfect for a wide range of uses, such as a topping, layer of sauce, ingredient, spread, or replacement for strips of bacon. Some current clients of Bacon Jam already use the product on arugula feta flatbreads, stuffed cheesy bread or a replacement for pizza sauce on a Hawaiian pizza. It’s also popular on burgers, sandwiches, chicken fries, waffles, or even combined with bourbon and vanilla for a boldly meaty cocktail.

You can even toss finished chicken wings in Bacon Jam to make Crispy Bacon Wings or serve a dollop alongside an appetizer. Bacon Jam can also be used as an ingredient in a signature dipping sauce. 

Bacon Jam was just launched for the restaurant industry in May at the NRA show. The company is currently taking direct orders for foodservice with tubs that hold 60 ounces of spread and is looking to expand to full-scale distribution. Ask your food distributor if they already carry Bacon Jam—the first and only bacon spread created for commercial restaurant use! Contact them at or 856-222-2000.