Ed LaDou may have been responsible for making the pizza industry billions of dollars stronger by engineering the California-style pizza. Without his perpetual curiosity, creative genius and driving desire to delight himself and the people around him, it may never have happened. Ed LaDou was born at McChord Air Force Base in Washington on October 9, 1955, and died in Santa Monica December 27, 2007, after a long bout with cancer. You may remember reading about LaDou in PMQ or seeing him donning a beret while teaching a pizza workshop at one of the pizza trade shows. He was a natural inventor and restaurateur, always wanting to satisfy the customer, either through his disciplined culinary skills or, if necessary, performing a new acrobatic dough tossing routine. This video is from this past August, the last time PMQ publisher Steve Green spoke with LaDou in Los Angeles. They talked about documenting his pizza philosophy in the event he didn't regain his health. We hope the video will enlighten new students of the culinary arts as well as honor the memory of a very decent man.



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