Split-Level Pizza Dish Biggest Serving Innovation in 30 Years

“It isn’t easy to reinvent pizza, but the New York chef Michael White, famous for his local Italian restaurants Marea, Osteria Morini and Ai Fiori, is trying to reinvent the pizza stand,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. White recently opened Nicoletta Pizzeria in the East Village. Pizzas are served on surprisingly interesting high, split-level trays that hook directly with a spring-loaded gusset into the side of each table .

Nicoletta’s newly designed pizza stand allows for multiple pies. 

“The pizza stand has not been redeveloped for 30 years or so,” said Mr. White in a recent interview. “There’s the wire rack, and then there’s the kind you see in a traditional pizza parlor, but I just started fiddling around with it and we made one.”



Noah Fecks