Are you debating upgrading to EMV when a large percentage of your sales are card-not-present deliveries? Pay@ the Door is the answer. 

SpeedLine Pay@ the Door could save you hundreds of dollars each month in credit card processing costs and reduced chargeback liability for delivery transactions, including online orders.

“Pay@ the Door is software that allows delivery restaurants to accept payment at their customers’ door upon delivery instead of accepting payment over the phone. They actually collect payment using a mobile app and EMV PIN pad at the door,” says marketing specialist Elizabeth Kelly of SpeedLine Solutions. “Basically, the customer calls the store or places an order online, and, instead of giving their credit card number at the time of order, they pay at their door when their food is delivered.”

Pay@ the Door accepts EMV chip cards at the door, and because the card is present (unlike payments made over the phone or online), your processing charges are lower. Credit card companies charge higher rates if you’re not using EMV technology, because EMV is more resistant to fraud. When EMV technology is not in use, customers just swipe their card and sign the slip. This puts the business at higher risk of credit card fraud, because a fraudster can counterfeit a magnetic stripe card and use it with a forged signature. The chip on an EMV card makes counterfeiting almost impossible, so that’s what payment processors want you to use. “If you’re not using it, then you are liable for any chargebacks,” says Kelly. 

Pay@ the Door reduces or eliminates liability for all delivery chargebacks. “It means that if someone pays by credit card over the phone and then they call their credit card company and say, ‘Oh, I didn’t buy that,’ the credit card company charges the store for picking up a fraudulent payment,” says Kelly. “That doesn’t happen with EMV Pay@ the Door because a chip card is used, and the payment is ‘card present,’ so the credit card company holds the liability. Depending on how many chargebacks you get, it can make a big difference. So much so that we say Pay@ the Door is a game-changer for profitable restaurant delivery.”

Pay@ the Door includes the Pay@ the Door app (which requires a mobile Apple or Android device with cellular data) and a Bluetooth EMV PIN pad. The service is currently only available in the United States. 

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