If you’re not consistently identifying and eliminating profit drains, your restaurant could quickly take on water and become a sinking ship. But profit drains aren’t always easy to spot and are often even harder to stop. With the right point-of-sale for your restaurant, this all becomes much easier.

Knowing where to look is key:

Neglected Upselling
By not charging for every extra add-on, you (or, more likely, your employees) are leaving money on the table. SpeedLine POS automatically includes prompts to remind employees to ask customers if they’d like to add certain extras to their order. This upselling tactic can account for thousands of additional dollars each month without taking on any more customers.

The upselling capabilities of SpeedLine have impressed countless clients, including Domenick Colandrea, the owner of King’s Pizza Pronto. “It’s pretty impressive. SpeedLine lets you put them in order from priority, and I prioritize my first one to be garlic dipping sauce because everybody loves garlic dipping sauce with pizza,” Domenick says. “And you’ll be surprised—people add two, three, four of them. It’s incredible. So I do take advantage of that.”

High Food and Labor Costs
Your food costs can creep above 35% without the proper planning tools, and your labor costs could get up to 30% or more. Instead of giving away two-thirds of your revenue to these areas, switch to SpeedLine POS, which provides state-of-the-art labor and food prep planning tools.

SpeedLine uses your store’s sales forecast and goals to recommend labor targets that will let you efficiently schedule staff. The schedule also integrates with the time clock, effectively controlling early clock-ins and late clock-outs. All through the day, you can keep track of your labor versus sales and adjust the schedule as you go to keep within budget.

The system can also recommend a food preparation plan to minimize waste, providing more control over food costs. With this plan in place, even the newest prep staff will know how many tomatoes to chop or crusts to pre-sauce for the dinner rush. The result will be less food waste and more profits.

SpeedLine’s many operational planning tools and upselling features allow you to get ahead of profit leaks you may not even know you had. Make the switch to a POS designed to protect your profits so that you can focus on serving customers and growing your business.

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