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SpeedLine Publishes In-Depth Guide to Credit Card Security and PCI for Restaurants

LYNDEN, WA, December 14, 2009—Restaurant point of sale developer SpeedLine announced the release of a free, in-depth guide to credit card security and PCI for restaurants.

“Restaurants are at high risk of credit card fraud,” the guide asserts, continuing “It’s a risk that many restaurant operators underestimate—and many are too confused by the technical requirements to protect their businesses effectively.”

This new guide, available at, is filled with information and resources to help restaurant operators understand credit card security best practices.

Quoting data released by Forrester Research, the guide estimates that the cost of a data breach “can range from $155 to $305 for each customer record stolen.” Damages can quickly add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single data breach.

“Small restaurant operations are favorite targets for credit card theft,” comments guide author Jennifer Wiebe. “And unfortunately, most restaurant operators don’t understand the risk—or how to protect themselves.”

The Restaurant PCI Basics guide covers important topics such as quantifying the liability risks of a restaurant data breach, PCI rules that affect restaurant owners, keys to compliance, POS considerations, and security best practices.

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The leading provider of intelligent solutions for pizza point of sale, SpeedLine provides POS-based technology solutions for pizza and delivery, quick service, and multi-concept restaurant chains. SpeedLine POS solutions help restaurant operators and chains operate more efficiently and profitably. Based in Lynden, WA, and Vancouver, BC, SpeedLine serves restaurant companies in the USA, Canada, and Europe. For more information on SpeedLine, contact marketing manager Jennifer Wiebe at 888.400.9185 or or visit