SpeedLine Partners with eThor for Online Marketing Initiative

“Through a new partnership with eThor, pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine will give its POS users access to a web and social marketing dashboard, reported Pizza Marketplace. The eThor dashboard makes it easy for restaurants and retailers to extend their marketing to all online channels directly through SpeedLine’s POS. The new marketing solution tightly integrates with eThor online ordering, or can complement a web ordering solution from another vendor.”

‘”This collaboration marks a leap forward in the world of online to offline commerce, and our combined solution is the first of its kind in the marketplace,’ said eThor CEO Gary Ziegler. ‘Our partnership will give SpeedLine POS users the tools harness the enormous and ever-growing mobile commerce industry.’ With eThor’s campaign intelligence tools, SpeedLine POS users will be able to manage their entire online marketing efforts from one dashboard. From social media to e-mail to online ordering, eThor’s platform provides a one-stop shop for online marketing. All of eThor’s tools will be fully integrated with the SpeedLine POS system and available to every SpeedLine customer.”‘

‘”Restaurant operators get bombarded with calls all the time from vendors offering to manage their Facebook or text marketing,’ said Jennifer Wiebe, SpeedLine’s marketing manager. “With this new solution, our users can easily manage all their online marketing themselves, at a fraction of the cost.” With Speedline’s POS technology and eThor’s campaign management and intelligence tools, restaurant operators can manage all their social media, e-mail, text and blog marketing — along with web, mobile and Facebook ordering if they choose — for a single restaurant location or a chain. Restaurant operators can schedule e-mail, text and social marketing in advance, or push out a click-to-order menu special to customers to drive same-day lunch traffic.”