• SpeedLine is introducing SpeedLine Pay, which lets restaurants accept payment at the table, curbside and upon delivery.
  • SpeedLine uses EMV to combat the problems of fraudulent and card-not-present transactions.

SpeedLine Solutions Inc., headquartered in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, now has more mobile payment options for customers.

Throughout the past year, the restaurant model has changed to adapt to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. In response, many of SpeedLine’s customers have offered alternative delivery and pick-up options to minimize contact with the end consumer. To support their customers, SpeedLine is introducing SpeedLine Pay, which allows restaurants to accept payment at the table, curbside and upon delivery (previously offered through Pay@the Door).

“Last year saw a massive increase in restaurants offering online payments through their websites,” says SpeedLine Sales & Marketing Director Brad Brooks. “The problem is that the dramatic increase means restaurants are experiencing higher instances of chargebacks and higher transaction fees, and customers are demanding more payment options. We’re getting reports of restaurants seeing losses in the thousands of dollars due to fraudulent and card-not-present transactions. SpeedLine Pay solves that by using EMV and by requiring a card to be present when finalizing the transaction, whether upon delivery or for curbside pick-up.”

SpeedLine Pay works by pairing an EMV card reader with a Windows-based tablet or an iOS device. This allows the end consumer to stay in their vehicle or at their table and tap to pay. It provides better credit card security for consumers and reduces transaction fees for restaurants. Card-not-present charges, where consumers pay online or over the phone, can cost as much as 40% more than card-present transaction fees.

John DeWolde, SpeedLine’s president & CEO says, “It’s important to us as a company to continue to innovate and respond to changing market conditions. Restaurants need secure payment options for their customers, whether in-store, curbside or during delivery. We’re proud to be able to introduce SpeedLine Pay to increase restaurant efficiency and reduce costs for restaurants.”

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