Col’Cacchio in Cape Town, South Africa, is the first chain in the country to roll out pizza infused with the cannabidiol (CBD oil) in 37 restaurants.

“We love to stay ahead of the curve and are extremely proud to be the first restaurant in SA to launch a cannabis pizza and look forward to seeing old and new faces in our restaurants coming in to try this exciting new range,” said Kinga Baranowska, co-founder of the Col’Cacchio chain in South Africa.

The restaurant offers two specialty CBD oil-infused pizzas: Green Goddess, made with grilled zucchini, feta, and basil; and Not-So-Plain Mary Jane, made with a spicy tomato base, peppadews, roast mushrooms, and avocado dressing.

Customers can also request that the CBD oil, created by Africanpure, be added to other menu items such as dessert.

Africanpure’s co-founder, Mike Saunders, said that Col’Cacchio approached them with the idea of CBD oil-infused pizza three months ago. Saunders said the oven-baked pizzas are sprayed with about 20 milligrams of the CBD oil, the maximum daily dosage allowed by the government. The product does not contain THC and is instead combined with essential oils.

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“CBD can be infused in most dishes and is sure to inspire many other dishes in the not-too-distant future, which can be foretold by the number of licenses being applied to produce the product,” Saunders said. “And Col’Cacchio [is] already looking to expand their cannabis menu.”

The CBD oil has no THC meaning it cannot get customers high.

However, attorney Ricky Stone who is versed in legislation concerning cannabis said that the food industry should exercise caution with the growing CBD market.

“For example, while the sale of CBD is not illegal, it is limited to daily usage of 20 milligrams,” he said. “So while it’s fine for you to buy a pizza, if you buy four then you are consuming 80 milligrams which is technically illegal.”

Even so, CBD oil is a growing industry, especially so within the United States.

In January, the National Restaurant Association found through an industry-wide survey that Cannabidiol (CBD oil) would one of the hottest trends of 2019 along with plant-based ingredients and waste reduction.

Arizona-based Spinelli Pizzeria also introduced CBD-oil infused pizza and cocktails this February.

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