A big problem with dine-in pizza is the table space it consumes. Customers and waitstaff are often playing a game of Tetris to try and fit drinks, plates and pizza all on the table. And as pizza is a shared food, when you have a large group dining together there is the problem of passing the pizza up and down the table. There have been many creative attempts to solve the table space problem, such as using an empty tomato sauce can as a pizza stand, but is this really the look you want for your restaurant? The Pizza Butler solves the table space issue and several other problems that comes with serving pizza.

With Pizza Butler’s unique “Z” pattern design, the amount of space needed for the pizza is cut in half. The Pizza Butler is made of 18-gauge stainless steel and will absolutely never tip over. The 300 series stainless steel is dishwasher-safe and will never rust. In addition to saving table space, the raised bumps allow air flow beneath the pizza to prevent soggy slices, and the raised lip prevents pizza from sliding and oils from dripping off the pan, all while creating a sleek look. The design also allows for easy carrying from the kitchen to the customer, and the pizza will never fall off.

“Because the Pizza Butler takes up less space on tabletops, we were able to add five more tables in our dining room,” says Donna Caruso of Formaggio’s (formaggiospizzeria.com) in Tampa, Florida. “Our guests can now enjoy their meals with comfort and convenience, and I can capture more business with more tables.”

The Pizza Butler solves another problem, too: It allows you to place two pizza halves on each butler so large groups can have two different options at each end of the table without having to pass hot pizza pans back and forth. No matter what sizes you offer, the Pizza Butler can fit your needs or can be custom-created to any size you need. It comes in both round and square models and can even be personalized with engraved logos.

Sleek and customizable, Pizza Butler offers a space-saving footprint, easy stackable storage and versatility, allowing you to serve pizza, appetizers, miniature desserts and more. To learn more or to order your Pizza Butler, visit their site at thepizzabutler.com or call 718-894-1212.



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