SOFTTOUCH, LLC Unveils Self-Pay System for Table-service Restaurants

Margate, FL, May 1, 2007

Restaurant point-of-sale systems developer, SoftTouch, LLC, unveils its technological innovation, SoftPay™ at City Pizza in West Palm Beach’s City Place. This patent pending system capitalizes on a growing trend of customer empowerment by allowing eatery patrons to self pay for their meal at anytime during their dining experience.

City Pizza proprietor, Larry Jacobi, explains, “Sometimes people are in a hurry and they won’t sit down to eat because they’re afraid it will take too long. With self-pay, our customers sit down and enjoy a full meal. If they’re in a hurry to get somewhere, they self pay whenever they’re ready to leave. Of course, this is optional – it’s about giving our customers more choices.”

While conventional restaurant payment methods require the customer to wait for a guest check and then wait again for a payment receipt, SoftPay allows dining patrons to pay for their meal at anytime using their credit card.

The kiosk styled touch screen unit is activated by a SoftPay™ self-pay card that is dispensed when the customer is seated or, for loyalty customers, a small key fob can be issued. The customer can review her guest check on the screen and add gratuity before swiping a credit card or gift card to remit payment. A digital signature is captured and a hard hardcopy receipt is dispensed.

The major benefits to restaurant operators are increased table turnover, reduced labor costs and customer satisfaction. Self-pay also expedites take-out orders.

 “We’re seeing many of our pick-up customers prefer to self pay. They enter their phone number and that brings up their order on the machine. After they pay with their credit card, they bring the receipt to the pick-up counter and get their food,” says Larry.

Security-minded customers appreciate retaining possession of their credit card. Dining patron, Matt, is pleased, “I just don’t like giving my credit card out to people and
this is perfect for me. I just swipe it myself and that’s it, nobody else ever touches my credit card.”

For a video demonstration, please visit or contact Liliya Fomenko at 1-866-497-4717 ext. 9 for more information