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Snow Increases Profit for Pizza Delivery Companies

According to, “Maybe making your own food isn’t your thing, the cold weather is increasing sales for local pizza delivery businesses.”

“Bellacinos’ employees have been working constantly for the last week to get their pizzas to people not wanting to get out of the house. Managers say their dine-in sales are down but delivery sales are up . They say the winter weather is boosting their profits.’Actually, the storms are two-folded. It’s good and it’s bad. It helps our delivery business, of course the dining business suffers quite a bit. Like today, we’ll make a little of the losses up that we’ve had from our dining business,’ said Michael Fama, owner of Bellacinos Pizza.Fama says he’s lucky that all of his employees made it to work safe today. Within the first hour of opening, Belacinos took more than 20 orders.”