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'SNL' mocks sexist Super Bowl stereotypes with Totino's Pizza Rolls commercial parody

Many of us enjoy Super Bowl Sunday for the commercials as much as the game. Saturday Night Live created this fake Totino's Pizza Roll ad poking fun at gender stereotypes that was funnier than any "real" Super Bowl commercials we saw Sunday. reports that on Saturday's J.K. Simmons-hosted episode, "SNL" poked fun at prevailing assumptions about the Super Bowl and gender roles with a fake Totino's Pizza Rolls ad. In the sketch, Vanessa Bayer plays a housewife whose sole purpose is to warm up pizza rolls while her husband and his friends gather around the television to watch the big game.

When there is nothing for Beyer to cook, she's conveniently supplied with a Totino's activity packet that includes an array of cheap children's toys to keep her occupied. Because she'd never be interested in actually watching the game, right? Right.

Laugh out loud while watching this video that may or may not remind you of watching the big game around your home.