Snappy Tomato Pizza, with locations in five states, has rallied to help the Girl Scouts sell their cookies during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Snappy Tomato Pizza Helps Girl Scouts With Cookie Sales During Quarantine

Snappy Tomato Pizza Company has partnered with the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road and the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio to help sell their Girl Scout Cookies in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown.

Snappy Tomato, which has 47 locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and New Mexico, will offer customers a free box of Girl Scout Cookies with a purchase of $25 or more. The partnership answers the call to assist the Girl Scouts in reducing their surplus cookie inventory. The organization was forced to halt all direct cookie sales after the outbreak of COVID-19.

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Snappy Tomato has purchased 2,400 boxes (200 cases) of the cookies both to support the Girl Scouts and to show appreciation for all of those customers who have supported their local Snappy Tomato location during the pandemic.

“The moment we heard about the Girl Scouts’ dilemma, with their inability to sell cookies door-to-door, we knew we needed to help,” said Andy Ritter, director of marketing for Snappy Tomato Pizza. “The leadership attributes fostered through the Girl Scouts program are the same qualities that make for a good community citizen—perhaps one of these young ladies will be our next Snappy Tomato employee or franchisee?”

Many of the regions served by Snappy Tomato Pizza also host Western Ohio and Northern Kentucky Girl Scout troops, and the cookie giveaway capitalizes on this duality, the company said. More than half of the 47 Snappy Tomato locations, including stores in southwest Ohio, southeast Indiana and northern Kentucky, will take part in the promotion.

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“It is with great appreciation that we thank the teams at Snappy Tomato Pizza for purchasing cases of our Girl Scout cookies, and it is outstanding to see Snappy Tomato pay it forward by sharing our boxes of cookies as gifts to their patrons,” said Haleigh McGraw, communications director for Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road. “Thinking ‘out- of-the-cookie-box’ with actions of caring such as these are the essence of what we strive to instill in our young ladies. Our Girl Scout sisterhood thanks Snappy Tomato for setting such a wonderful example.”

Through Girl Scout cookie sales, the young women learn goal setting, financial literacy, communications and entrepreneurial skills. Programs throughout the year are funded by annual Girl Scout cookie sales, including outdoor adventures, educational exploration and meaningful activities to improve and support their communities. Ohio and Kentucky cookie sale revenues support multiple camp properties, provide financial assistance to an estimated 4,000 girls and training for over 6,000 volunteers and pay for numerous Girl Scout activities of learning, giving and caring throughout the year.

Other pizza companies or restaurants that want to support the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road can also purchase Girl Scout cookies, with a minimum of five cases per order. Go to or contact Tammy Durham, director of grants and community partnerships, at To purchase the minimum five cases of cookies from Girl Scouts of Western Ohio visit or contact Director of Development (South) Kat Steiner at 513-619-1376 or at