Smith Helps Bridge International Gap with Pizza

""According to the St. Mary’s Daily Press, “Dave Smith, owner of Pizza Palace Plus in Emporium, recently traveled to China where he participated in the country’s first-ever National Pizza Championship.”

“As a member of the U.S. Pizza Team, Smith was asked to be the lead judge in the culinary competition as well as in the acrobatic contest. ‘The most unusual topping was colored spiral pasta on a pizza. It didn’t win the competition, but it was the first time I had seen it tried and I’ve seen a lot of different pizzas over the years,’ Smith said.”

“Smith traveled to Shanghai, China, the country’s largest city and home to over 20 million people, for one week allotting an additional two days for traveling to make up for the 13-hour time difference. While at the show Smith exhibited his dough-making and tossing skills and delighted crowds with his famous Cajun pizza. ‘They absolutely loved [Cajun pizza.] I had more requests for that pizza than any other,’ Smith said. ‘My big hurdle was shopping for all the ingredients, but the interpreter was very helpful….a necessity.’”

“Smith explained the pizza industry in China is only beginning to boom. ‘The biggest difference between them and us is, if the Chinese want to impress their friends, they take them out for pizza. We look at it as a staple food,’ Smith said. The competition took place at the FHC Food Show where Smith helped staff the PMQ Pizza Pavilion. PMQ Pizza Magazine is an industry publication distributing magazines, newsletters and maintaining a website for over 40,000 owner/operators of America’s 70,000 pizzerias for the past 12 years. The company also had publications in China and Australia.”