High-quality flour is the foundation for strong, flavorful pizza dough, and at Ardent Mills, we know pizza dough. We’re proud to offer some of the most trusted flours in the pizza business, including Italian-type 00 flour for Neapolitan-style pizza, grown and finely milled in North America. Using Primo Mulino flour means never having to deal with the supply chain and cost challenges of imported pizza flours. We also have time-honored brands like Kyrol, Hummer and King Midas, and on-trend flours like Ultragrain and Simply Milled Organic. We have the industry’s largest and most reliable supply of grains and flours—including a full line of ancient, heirloom, specialty grains, and off-the-shelf and custom pizza mixes. Our options save labor and ensure dough consistency, whether your crust is wood-fired, Chicago deep dish, stuffed, or classic thin crust. 

We also offer a full portfolio of whole, mixed and gluten-free grains to add nutrient density, satiety, higher protein and more fiber to dough formulations. These grains add culinary interest with varied flavors, textures and colors, differentiating crusts, adding texture to salads, and inspiring innovative ideas across pizzeria menus. For a few on-trend ways for grabbing a bigger slice of pizza action, consider how a flexible, stretchable pizza dough can transform into breadsticks, garlic knots and other appetizers, ready for dipping and sharing. More pizzerias are adding dessert pizzas in a bid to capture add-on sales. Fresh ingredients such as seasonal regional berries, fresh basil or mint, sweetened soft cheese and citrus zest are some great flavor pairings to top a slightly sweeter pizza crust and score that wow factor. From a whole-grain salad-topped flatbread to hearty whole-grain garlic knots and berry-topped organic dessert pizzas, Ardent Mills has your pizza dough covered. 

For more information or samples, contact your Ardent Mills account manager, visit ardentmills.com or call us at 888-685-2534.


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