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Now Is the Time to Get Your Menu into Customers’ Hands

Getting your restaurant’s menu into your customers’ hands has never been more critical. With most restaurants moving their focus to takeout and delivery, it has become crucial to share your food offerings, pricing and specials through every means of communication. Menus are one of the most effective direct mail marketing pieces for restaurants. 

Showcasing what you have to offer and how much it costs means your customers will hold onto your menu as a useful resource. Plus, you can get them hungry for your food with vivid imagery that will make their mouths water and include coupons to add even more interest. 

Mail Shark is the best partner for sending out menus. They offer a completely free and 100% custom menu design to make sure you love your menu. They can provide free stock photos for your menu, or they will work with you to add your own imagery. When you design your menu with Mail Shark, that design is yours—this means you can add the menu to your website to make sure customers see your current menu both online and offline.

One of the best parts of working with Mail Shark is that they will start with no money down, and you don’t pay until they mail your pieces. They break up the cost of your direct mail, and the mailing itself, over two to 10 weeks (you choose the schedule!), and you pay weekly until all your menus are delivered. You pay no money down, and dividing the cost of the mailing over its mailing weeks gives you control of your inventory and staffing needs and makes the cost of marketing less of a strain on your weekly cash flow. 

About Mail Shark

Mail Shark is a group of passionate people who deliver a unique strategy and effective direct mail product that’s affordable for every business, large or small. They have been serving the pizza industry since 2008 and continue to support it with a variety of direct mail products beyond menus, as well as print marketing materials such as box toppers and door hangers.

Today, thousands of pizza shops are reaping the benefits of Mail Shark’s affordable approach. Find out how Mail Shark can help your marketing efforts—call 610-463-0177 or visit