SmartMarket: Deliver Media uses POS to create highly targeted marketing campaigns


Your POS system can make inventory, CSR order entry, couponing and a number of other functions much more efficient, but did you know that it can also be your pizzeria’s most powerful marketing tool?

If you polled 100 pizza store owners and asked them to wave a magic wand to change one thing about their store, what would most of them want to do? Increase sales volume! With costs rising and competition building up, higher sales volume is needed just to break even. Good news: Everything you need to make this happen is conveniently located in your POS system! 

Leveraging the power of your customer data for marketing is one way to ensure that your store continues to grow. If executed properly, database marketing can be a huge competitive advantage, helping increase customer loyalty, convert new customers to frequent customers, bring back lost customers, and in some cases shut other competitors down. POS customer data, coupled with a company that knows how to leverage it, is your recipe for marketing success.

Deliver Media has excelled in pizza marketing for over 20 years. They currently work with more than 2,500 stores, helping them leverage the power of their POS system. Their “Captivate the Customer” program has seen ROI as high as 900% on direct mail events.  That’s factoring in the costs of marketing, food and labor, and incremental response based on a control group—and it’s still producing huge returns.  

Why does the “Captivate the Customer” program work so well?  This answer breaks down into three parts: upfront analysis, execution, and results analysis.  


Upfront Analysis.

Using a regular feed of your POS customer data, the “Captivate the Customer” program generates detailed reports that depict a picture of the data movement in your store. This data shows exactly how your store is doing in terms of customer loyalty, conversion and rejuvenation each month.  

If your store is losing customers, it will be easy to see on the analysis reports. Your Deliver Media representative, who analyzes these reports on a monthly basis, will schedule a Rejuvenation Mailing to target customers who have been lost as well as customers who are at risk of being lost over the next month. They will manage the entire process for you, from identifying a need within your data to recommending coupon offers that will generate maximum response. 

Deliver Media has also developed proprietary algorithms that analyze customer traits—such as seasonality, amount of purchase, order frequency and previous mailing response—to predict which customers will order and spend the most money. Creatively, the company has branded this mailing as “Max Response,” known to deliver consistent ROI above 400% and as high as 900%.  



Another unique characteristic of the “Captivate the Customer” program is the way the mailings are executed. Have you ever missed an in-home date with a mailing? It can throw your food and labor costs off completely. If the mailing hits too early, you aren’t staffed for it; if it hits three days late, you are left with wasted food and unnecessary labor costs. Deliver Media uses DDU Entry to control in-home dates, replacing the typical three-day window with a one-day window. 

With DDU Entry, instead of sending your mailing to a postal sorting facility to enter the mail stream, Deliver Media sorts it in their in-house post office, where mailings are verified as if they were in the mail stream. Packages are shipped directly to local post offices, arriving two days prior to your targeted in-home date. The team at Deliver Media personally calls each post office to alert them of the requested in-home date. This way, you won’t be left at the store on Wednesday wondering when your mail is going to hit. 


Results Analysis.

Following each mailing, Deliver Media produces ROI Analysis reports to show how each mailing performed. Each mailing is measured against a control group to show only the incremental response generated, as opposed to taking credit for every order. Food and labor costs, as well as the cost of the mailing itself, are removed, leaving you with a true ROI presenting revenue you generated for your investment. These reports show seven-day and 14-day ROI.

Targeted, timely, effective and affordable. Start captivating your customers today with Deliver Media! 

Deliver Media prides itself on providing Fortune 500 service to franchise systems and local pizzerias alike, offering clients solutions that cannot be found anywhere else in the marketplace. Every store is provided with customized marketing plans encompassing unique strategies designed to drive the greatest ROI. In addition to direct mail marketing, Deliver Media offers digital marketing solutions to keep your branding consistent in a seamless and integrated process. Visit or call 800-377-4683.