One of the biggest trends on today’s menus is the charcuterie board. From humble beginnings of cheese and meat, today’s charcuterie boards are filled with seasonal fruit, nuts, sweet and savory jams and chutneys, and an array of different cured meats and artisan cheeses. Charcuterie boards offer chefs a blank canvas that can be changed frequently based on seasonality and kitchen creativity.

Leading industry cheese manufacturer Caputo can help build your cheese board. In addition to a variety of shapes and cuts of fresh mozzarella, Caputo also offers hand-tied burrata and nodini knots, as well as hand-dipped ricotta. Caputo also offers Italian and Italian-style cheeses like Romano, Parmesan and Asiago, and they can customize the perfect solution for your menu’s needs. 

Caputo Charcuterie Board


  •  8 oz. Caputo Nodini Fresh Mozzarella
  •  4 oz. Caputo Basil Pesto
  •  6 oz. assorted olives
  •  3 oz. Genoa salami
  •  3 oz. prosciutto 
  •  2 oz. hot soppressata
  •  2 oz. capicola
  •  2 oz. oven-roasted peppered turkey breast
  •  3 oz. edamame salad 
  •  10 oz. balsamic cippolini onions
  •  8 oz. peppadew peppers stuffed with Caputo Ricotta
  •  8 oz. marinated artichoke hearts
  •  1 ea. baguette  

When putting the charcuterie board together, there’s a lot of creativity that can be used, from the type of cheeses and meats used to the placement of the products. Since the soppressata is a bit spicy, it’s closer to the sweeter ricotta peppadews. There’s a mix of briny olives and herby artichokes, which are a great complement to the assorted meats. Pesto and fresh mozzarella are a delightful combination, and the whole board is balanced with different flavors that impact the taste buds in delicious ways. 

Today’s chefs seek manufacturers with the experience and know-how to create authentic products that best fit their culinary visions. They demand exceptional taste as well as multiple formats, innovative formulations and custom seasoning blends, along with the appropriate melting temperatures, shelf life and back-of-house ease and efficiency. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that Caputo will deliver the quality, flavor and consistency that only high standards and family pride can produce. For more information, call 708-450-0074 or visit 

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