SmartMarket: Affordable Direct Mail Designed for Pizza Shops


Direct mail is a potent marketing tactic, garnering higher response rates than any digital direct marketing medium, according to the Direct Marking Association. But it can be cost-prohibitive for pizzerias. “It’s a catch-22,” says Jeff Dodge of Ramos Pizza in Lincoln, Nebraska. “You know you have to do it to make money, but you can’t afford to do it. For years we were doing marriage (shared) mail with a pretty low return rate. We were on page 3 or the inside back cover of booklets. We wanted to have our own mailing piece, but we couldn’t afford to pay up front.”

Ramos’ solution? Mail Shark. Ramos Pizza began working with Mail Shark five years ago. Since that time, they have doubled from $1 million to $2 million annually, and Dodge attributes his succcess to marketing with Mail Shark. “Direct mailing with any company works,” Dodge says. “The difference with Mail Shark was that I didn’t have to write a $10,000 check to get started. All I had to do was send them my logo, and their design team got right back to me. Their customer service is crazy good.”

How does Mail Shark make it so affordable up front? “With our Weekly Mailing Strategy,” says Mail Shark owner Brian Johnson. “It works by spreading out mailings and payments for up to 10 weeks, making it possible for thousands of pizza shops to use direct mail. Each week a new area is targeted, making for a steady flow of new business with trackable results.” 

Since Dodge has consistently used their Weekly Mailing Strategy, his business has increased by an astounding 15% annually six years in a row. “We’ve dropped every other kind of advertising we do, and we are over capacity in our kitchen. We have to open a new location soon because we are literally turning away thousands of dollars every weekend—we’re too busy.”

“Mail Shark makes it easy, and they are very good at what they do,” says Richard DeSantis of Peace, Love and Pizza in Atlanta. “They help you design a campaign that fits your budget. Their artists are the best I’ve ever worked with in terms of helping you get your message across. They keep in touch with you.”

Today, thousands of pizza shops are reaping the benefits of Mail Shark’s unique approach to direct mail. Call 484-427-4724 or visit to learn more.