Consumers are demanding more convenience and diversity when it comes to food delivery. The rise of on-demand delivery apps is satisfying their needs. But what about your needs as a pizzeria operator? There is a number of ways on-demand platforms like DoorDash can strengthen your existing delivery model, help you reach new customers, and leave a good impression in your community. These are the top five:

Instantly scale your delivery. You know how difficult it is to quickly ramp up or down drivers to match demand. An unexpected rush or a driver calling in sick can throw your store into chaos. DoorDash specializes in the complexities of last-mile fulfillment. When a customer places an order on DoorDash, the restaurant is immediately notified to begin preparing the food. The order is assigned to a nearby delivery driver—a Dasher—to pick up the meal and deliver it hot and ready to the customer.

Reach new customers. New customers can find your business through DoorDash, making it a powerful marketing platform. Customers who order on DoorDash are 80% to 92% incremental to the restaurant’s on-premise customer base, meaning there is little overlap. DoorDash has distinguished itself by partnering with 90% of the top 100 U.S. restaurant brands that offer on-demand delivery, more than all of its peers combined.

Ramp up your marketing. With DoorDash, you can get your own ordering page to fit your unique brand, along with beautiful images of your food. DoorDash offers complimentary photo shoots to merchants so they can showcase signature items and branded dishes. These photos can later be used for your website, social media or digital marketing. Restaurants can choose which items from their menu to make available through the DoorDash platform.

Rest assured. During the onboarding process, all DoorDash Dashers are vetted and screened for background checks. From there, they are provided with insulated bags to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. DoorDash’s emphasis on speed and quality means the average customer rarely waits more than 35 minutes total. 

Support your community. DoorDash is committed to helping reduce food waste and relieve hunger through Project DASH. Project DASH uses lightning-fast logistics to get excess food to donation sites. As a partner of DoorDash, you can give back to your community and reduce your waste. 


DoorDash is the most extensive, most reliable and most cost-effective delivery service provider in North America. Call them at 855-554-5779 or visit


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