reports, “the digital age has delivered a new twist on dialling for pizza, with one in ten Domino’s pizza purchases in New Zealand now made using a smartphone.”

“The Australian-based pizza chain, which yesterday revealed a 20.3 per cent boost to net profits for the year to July 3, expects orders made by smart mobile applications to account for roughly a quarter of New Zealand sales within the next two and a half years. Another quarter is expected to arrive via online ordering. The next phase in the pizza chain’s smartphone strategy is the launch of an Android application, which chief executive Don Meij said would be available in New Zealand in the ‘next couple of weeks.’ Hungry punters will be able to find the nearest two or three stores using Google mapping, get directions to the store and order remotely. ‘The Android app will be the most advanced (smartphone app) because the iPhone app was launched at the end of 2009, so we’ve had a lot of learning since then,’ said Meij.”

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