• With the new Slice Payments feature, pizzerias can cash out every day instead of only once a week, the company said.
  • Slice Delivery Management is designed to address the pain points of managing order delivery.

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Slice, the platform powering the nation’s largest network of pizzerias, has debuted enhancements and new features to its POS solution, Slice Register, including Slice Payments and Slice Delivery Management.

Designed specifically for pizzerias and their unique set of ordering requirements, Slice Payments is an in-store payment platform offering simple, affordable processing and immediate savings to local shops while driving repeat customer purchases online and offline, according to a press release.

The new payment processing option is an enhancement to Slice Register and enables Slice shops to cash-out daily—a unique feature that further differentiates the platform from delivery apps that typically only allow weekly cash-outs. Slice Payments is “a simpler and more affordable processing tool that leverages economies of scale to offer industry-low credit card processing fees to its network of over 16,000 pizzerias,” the company said. Slice Payments can be used with Slice Register or as a standalone payment processing option.

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As part of the rollout, shops using Slice Register will have access to Slice Delivery Management, designed to address the pain points of managing order delivery and give pizzerias an alternative to using costly delivery apps. The end-to-end logistics solution automates order batching, assignment and routing and provides status tracking to both the shop and the consumer.

“These new features enhance our suite of product offerings as we continue to put the tools and technology that Domino’s franchisees receive directly into the hands of independent pizzeria owners,” said Slice CEO and Founder Ilir Sela. “These independents face a unique set of challenges brought on by Big Pizza competition and predatory delivery apps. With all of our innovations, we’re aiming to solve some of the biggest pain points for shops and make it easier for them to take on more orders and maximize revenue.”

The new features are available immediately to shops in the Slice network. Learn more about Slice Payments and Slice Delivery Management at sliceregister.com.

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