Slice empowers 19,000-plus independent pizzerias across all 50 states, forming the nation’s largest pizza network—more than double the U.S. footprint of Domino’s.

What are the three biggest advantages pizzeria operators get by joining Slice? Slice believes local pizzerias deserve all the advantages of big chains without compromising their independence.

1. More regulars: Grow a loyal customer base without lifting a finger through Slice’s Advanced Marketing Services, pizzeria marketplace and Online Brand Management.

2. Easier days: Simplify operations and gain efficiency
with Slice’s customized websites, online ordering and pizzeria
POS system.

3. Lower costs: As a member of the nation’s largest network of independent pizzerias, you will get access to discounted supplies and printers as well as industry-low payment rates.

Do pizza orders through Slice tend to average higher? And is this a way to attract repeat customers? Slice’s online ordering system drives orders two times larger than the phone and saves your staff time. Plus, unlike other ordering platforms, Slice’s targeted marketing and built-in rewards program are designed to send customers back to their go-to pizza shop. Slice’s platform results in 50% more repeat orders.

To get PMQ’s readers started, Slice offers 30 days with no fees on orders for new pizza shops. Use the code PMQ to redeem this offer, which is valid through March 2023.

What’s new at Slice? Slice is constantly innovating to give independent shops access to the same tools that power the big pizza chains. Their latest solutions include Advanced Marketing Services and Online Brand Management. Here’s what you need to know:

Advanced Marketing Services

The best marketing isn’t just cost-effective, it’s time-effective. With Advanced Marketing Services, Slice’s team handles everything. Their custom offerings include:

  • Digital advertising
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Promotional flyers
  • Box stickers

Online Brand Management 

Slice’s expert team helps pizzerias build trust, engage customers and drive orders through their search listings. By partnering with the experts at Slice, you can:

  • Ensure accurate and consistent information across your online listings
  • Rank higher on Google and Bing search results
  • Enable ordering right from your Google listing
  • Relax knowing that customer reviews are responded to professionally and promptly

For more information about Slice and its services, visit  



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