Slice Factory

Drive-Thru Has Been a ‘Game Changer’ for Slice Factory

The chain's Slice-Thru service has assisted in 60% of orders and brought a 20% increase in sales since the pandemic, the company said.

Pizza fans are in a hurry in the post-pandemic era. For Slice Factory, a Chicago-based pizza franchise known for its jumbo slice, installing drive-thru stations for customers too impatient for delivery has proven to be a “massive game changer,” according to founder and CEO Dom DiDiana.

After implementation of the first drive-thru at Slice Factory’s Berwyn, Illinois location in 2019, DiDiana decided to test the idea at other stores. Now, every new location boasts a drive-thru, and the innovation has assisted in 60% of the chain’s orders and fetched a 20% increase in sales since the pandemic, the company said.

Called the Slice Thru, the drive-thru station creates a quicker and more process for guests seeking a slice on the run. Drive-thru service is now also offered at Slice Factory’s locations in Bolingbrook, Burbank, Bellwood, Bridgeport, Maywood and Lyons, Illinois, with more to come.

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“Chicago has some of the most unpredictable weather in the country, and as a quick-service franchise, you must find innovative ways to serve your guests,” DiDiana said. “Sure, you can order delivery, but with the bad weather conditions, it can take too long, mistakes can happen, and, by the time the food comes, it’s cold. With the Slice Thru, guests can order a fresh, hot slice of pizza in under three minutes from the convenience of their car and not have to worry about incorrect orders and outrageous delivery fees.”

DiDiana founded Slice Factory in 1998, and the company began franchising since 2017. It currently has 13 locations in the Chicagoland area.

“The Slice Thru has been a massive game changer for us and offers a significant advantage over competitors,” DiDiana said. “With the Slice Thru, we can operate our business late [at] night, with the service being safer and easier to manage. We are continuing to find new ways and unique opportunities to serve our guests.”

For operators interested in owning a franchise, Slice Factory’s franchise fee is $39,500, with a total investment of $210,000 to $356,000. Click here for more information.