Slice Factory, with 13 locations in the Chicago area and another one opening this month in Lyons, Illinois, wants to expand throughout the Midwest and Indiana, according to a press release.

Slice Factory is known for its 14” jumbo slices, which can be ordered on-premise or for delivery and sell for $6.49 to $7.49. The jumbo slices are carved from a 28-inch pizza that’s a sort of hybrid of the New York style and Chicago tavern style.

“We can’t go too thin, like a tavern, because it just wouldn’t hold, and we can’t go too hydrated like a New York because it would be way too floppy,” Dom DiDiana, Slice Factory’s founder and president, has said. “It has to have hold when you hold the slice because it’s so big.”

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In the latest press release, DiDiana said his company has set its sights on entering new territories like Indiana. “There are so many large markets in northwest Indiana that would be perfect locations for the franchise. We want to share the Chicago jumbo slice with more communities who love and enjoy pizza! We are a family-run company, and we cannot wait to expand our family to the Hoosier state.”

According to the press release, Slice Factory is looking for experienced entrepreneurs to expand their brand. Experience working in the food industry is preferred, but not required. There is a franchise fee of $35,000 with a total investment of $210,000 to $356,000.

Click here for more information about franchising opportunities with Slice Factory.

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