Signature Pizza: Plum Tomato Pizza at The Brick Oven

“When asked which was the most requested of the 20 specialty pies on his menu, Frank Donato, owner of The Brick Oven Pizza in Dobbs Ferry, replied without hesitation, ‘Plum tomato.’ This best-selling pizza is made with tomato pieces, basil, garlic, orenago and extra virgin olive oil; its ingredients are topped with a light layer of melted mozzarella. No tomato sauce is used.”

‘”Like all of our pizzas, it has a very thin crust,’ Donato pointed out to ‘Another pizza in big demand,’ he said, ‘is chicken-bacon-ranch even though it’s not on the menu.’ Fried, breaded chicken is used in this pie.

“Both of these pies (plum tomato and chicken-bacon-ranch),” Donato said, “because of their popularity, are immediately available by the slice at the counter.” Except for Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, all pizzas come in four sizes: personal, small (14-inch), large (16-inch) and X-large (18-inch). Typically 16 different types of pizza can be bought by the slice.  Prices for the plum tomato pizza are $10.95 (personal size), $17.95 (small), $19.95 (large) and $22.95 (X-large).”

Other popular specialty pizzas

  • Buffalo chicken. Chicken breasts with spicy buffalo sauce—topped with mozzarella
  • Meat Lovers. Pepperoni/meatball/sausage/bacon with blend of American cheese and mozzarella
  • The Ultra. A pizza version of the “Everything bagel.” Toppings include onions, peppers, sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni and more
  • Vegetable Supreme. Onions, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, garlic and fresh mozzarella