Signature Oil Topping Makes Avon A New Hot Spot

""“Call it a happy mistake — or a stroke of genius. Either way, the ‘hot oil’ topping that graces Colony Grill’s thin-crust pizzas happened ‘completely by accident,’ says owner Gary James. Kitchen employees were cooking ‘stingers’ (Serrano peppers) in oil before putting them on pies,’ James explains to the Hartford Courant. The subsequently spicy oil was always discarded, until someone thought to drizzle a little of it atop the crust and cheese for seasoning.”

‘”It tasted great, and we put it on the menu,’ James says. ‘And it became our number-one seller…It’s our signature. It never started out that way, but it’s become that.’ The ‘stinger’ peppers are a favorite, along with sausage. And the hot oil, which seeps into the pie and infuses it with a warm burn, is good paired with just about any topping. Colony is also an unlikely spot for gluten-free eats, but diners with gluten sensitivity or intolerance can enjoy a full meal here. James, who himself has celiac disease, has sourced a gluten-free pizza crust, along with a special chocolate cake for dessert and gluten-free beer and vodka for the bar.”