SIAB: Italians Prefer Cream Cake

Yet the Italian ‘sweet tooth’ is more “demanding” than ever: growth in consumption of quality pastry. From breakfast to happy hour: savoury pastry back in favour.

Verona, 8 May 2007. No one doubts that Italy is the home of creativity. Yet it is perhaps less well-known that the Italians are among the best-regarded pastry chefs in the world, just like their products. It comes as no surprise, inasmuch, that a survey by Richemont Club Italy – the prestigious international organisation whose main objective is to defend and promote professionalism small-business and high level bakery and pastry fields – highlights certain growth in the sector.
Daily per-capita consumption is estimated at 35-50 gr. – and the pastry “top list” is headed by bigné (essentially with cream fillings, followed by chocolate specialities), with cannoncino a close second.
Yet there is equally impressive growth in consumption of savoury “Vienneserie”, plain or with a topping based on cumin seeds or filled with herbs. Savoury products are making major inroads into the scene at the expense of other snacks.
“The savoury taste, set off against a sweet base, makes these products ideal and delicious nibbles,” said Piergiorgio Giorilli, World President of Richemont Club International. “They often accompany cured meats and cold cuts to become excellent snacks – or even a light meal when filled with appropriate foods. Their savoury-sweet taste is also ideal for morning snacks and happy hour appetisers.”
The only “downside” is when you weigh yourself on the scales: the “indicator” perhaps moves a bit too much to the right – but smile and be happy.