Shawn Randazzo of Detroit Style Pizza Co.

Shawn Randazzo Patents Method for Seasoning Detroit-Style Pizza Pans

You can’t bake an authentic Detroit-style pizza without a square steel pan fashioned after the automotive-parts trays originally used when the “Motor City Secret” was born. But authenticity with Detroit-style pizza pans usually comes with a costly and time-consuming break-in period. Not anymore. Shawn Randazzo, president of Detroit Style Pizza Co., has developed a revolutionary new seasoning process that eliminates the break-in period so pizzerias can save time and money with a more durable pan that’s uniquely suited for baking Detroit-style pies.

Randazzo spent a year perfecting the manufacturing process in response to customer feedback. The new and improved pans feature:

  • A patent-pending seasoning process that eliminates the break-in period. The original steel pans needed to undergo a dry bake that required 10 to 18 ounces of dough per pan. The average order is 100 to 200 pans, so pizzerias needed to invest several hours plus the cost of 1,000 to 3,600 ounces of dough to break the pans in. The new pans can be used immediately with no break-in period and none of the initial sticking associated with the original pans.
  • Flake-free seasoning. The canola-oil seasoning would occasionally flake off the original pans during the break-in period. Eventually, they would need to be re-seasoned – a time-consuming, labor-intensive, costly and smoky process. The new pans do not flake.
  • Faster dough pressing and stick-free baking. The new pans grab dough better and reduce retraction, so it’s faster than ever to press dough into the pans. Unlike the original pans, dough and cheese do not stick to the new pans so pizzas easily slide out after baking.
  • Improved water resistance. The original pans would oxidize after even the slightest bit of water contact. The new pans are far more resistant to water. However, it’s still recommended that they be kept dry and not submerged in water.

“We’ve been on a quest to solve pan issues for a year, and through rigorous testing we’ve developed a unique manufacturing process that eliminates cumbersome issues and still produces an authentic Detroit-style pizza,” Randazzo said. “We sent sample pans to our clients, and the feedback has been amazing, so we’re thrilled to offer our new and improved authentic Detroit-style pizza pans to pizzerias and restaurants worldwide.”

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The pans can be purchased at They’re available in two sizes: 8×10-in. ($23 each) and 10×14-in. ($30 each). Bulk discounts are offered for quantities over 20. In addition to pizzerias and restaurants, the pans are available to distributors that would like to carry them and pizza enthusiasts who want to bake their own Detroit-style pies at home.

photo of pizza made in Detroit-style pizza pan
The Detroit Twist is one of Randazzo’s famous pies made in a seasoned Detroit-style pizza pan.

Detroit Style Pizza Co. also offers bare, unseasoned steel pans ($16 for 8×10-in. and $18 for 10×14-in.) and plans to launch a seasoning service: Pizzerias can send in their old steel pans to be seasoned with the new patent-pending process. This will allow them to enjoy all the benefits of the new and improved pans without the cost of buying new pans. Authentic Detroit Style Pizza dough is also available for purchase.

Traditionally, Detroit Style Pizza is baked in square steel pans inspired by the automotive-parts trays that were originally used for pans in 1946 when soldiers returning from World War II demanded dishes that mirrored the Italian fare they sampled overseas. Baked in deck ovens, Detroit-style pizza features a thick yet airy Sicilian crust lined with pepperoni, edge-to-edge cheese that caramelizes to the crust, and a thick layer of red sauce ladled on after baking.

“Detroit-style pizza has a unique heritage born during a transcendental time in American and Detroit history. The style boasts delectable texture and incredible flavor, but it’s more than pizza – it’s a story about American innovation and perseverance,” Randazzo said. “Pizza makers who are passionate about the craft demand authenticity. They feel the story, they love the story, and they know they can sell the story. We’re proud to add a new chapter to the story that makes it easier than ever for pizzerias worldwide to offer authentic Detroit-style pizza to their customers.”

For more information or to order the new and improved seasoned steel pans, visit or call 586-439-0575.

this photo shows the kind of pizza you get from using a Detroit-style pizza pan
Randazzo’s Detroit-style pizzas have won numerous national and international competitions.