Shakespeare’s Pizza Wins Magazine Award

“The readers of a Jefferson City-based magazine have picked their favorite eateries, destinations and activities. Rural Missouri Magazine has a wide range of categories in their 11th Annual Best of Rural Missouri Reader’s Choice Contest. Since 1973, Shakespeare’s Pizza has been a Columbia landmark known for some of the best pizza in the country.  It was no surprise when the readers of Rural Missouri Magazine voted Shakespeare’s as the makers of the best pizza in the state, according to

Shakespeare’s pizza maker Luke Arnzen said,“I’d just like to thank everyone who voted for us.  It’s a real honor. I’d like to thank our bosses and our employees here and everyone in Columbia for always supporting us.” The original Shakespeare’s Pizza sits in the heart of the Mizzou campus. There’s a second location in West Columbia. A third location is coming to Columbia’s Southside. Co-owner Kurt Mirtsching said, “We just try to put fun stuff up on the walls. The old signs are things that the owner’s wife and my wife have found over the years. We’d see it at a flea market or an antique mall. We’d think that would look neat on the wall. We like it. It turns out, our customers do, too.”

You can also get Shakespeare’s Pizza at grocery stores in Mid-Missouri, Kansas City and St. Louis. You also find the award-winning pizza at fundraisers and catered events.

Mirtsching said, “Everybody keeps telling us and complimenting us that the pizza is a really good product. We’ve all been to restaurants where the food was good, but other parts weren’t so they didn’t last. One thing that we got is the people that work here.”