In a unique promotion tailor-made for the COVID-19 era, Denver’s four-store Sexy Pizza chain will turn National Cheese Pizza Day into a virtual adventure in a partnership with Paruzal, a Denver-based live-hosted, online escape-room company, on September 5.

Individuals, teams, classmates, and families will be invited to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day in a safe, contactless manner, with an escape-room pizza party taking place entirely via Zoom.

Using special money-saving event codes, players can enjoy Sexy Pizza slices while working with their friends to solve an interactive puzzle using the Zoom video conferencing tool. Participants will receive 20 percent off their Paruzal game by using the code “SEXYPIZZA” and can also get a 20 percent discount on their online pizza order by using a code they will receive upon booking their Paruzal game.

The goal of the game night is to explore virtual rooms for clues that will ultimately free players from their adventures before the clock runs out. Players communicate in real time with one another while enjoying Sexy Pizza’s New York-style pies as the solution to the puzzle slowly unfolds. The team or individuals with the best escape times win prizes, such as gift cards, discounts and merchandise.

“At Sexy Pizza we’ve always been about good food and community engagement,” says Kayvan Khalatbari, co-founder of Sexy Pizza. “That’s why we’re thrilled to bring people safely together with a pizza and an engaging puzzle.”

“What better way to safely bring people together during a pandemic than great-tasting pizza and a fun-to-solve puzzle,” added James Warner, co-founder of Paruzal Games. “The longer I’m in this business the more I realize game nights are about enjoying each other’s company and celebrating small victories with family and friends. This fun and engaging event allows everyone to do that safely.”

Customers can sign up for the National Cheese Pizza Day event at and reserve a spot using the promo code SEXYPIZZA for 20 percent off. Upon signing up, they’ll receive a code for the 20-percent discount on any pizza ordered online from Sexy Pizza. Customers can also call in and mention the code to receive the discount.

Game participants are urged to take pictures enjoying their pies and playing the game and use the hashtag #pizzaandpuzzles, tagging both Sexy Pizza and Paruzal, in their social media posts.

One of Paruzal’s adventures is actually set in a pizzeria. Called “Game 4: Pizza Makes Anything Possible,” the game challenges the team to get a pizza restaurant open for business within an hour.

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