Self-OrderKiosks Serve More Customers in High-Traffic Restaurants

According to a press release, “Acrelec, the inventor and leading company in self-order kiosks in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector, is supporting foremost players in the market in implementing and deploying the self-order technology. The customers places their own order on the touch screen and can then retrieve their food at the counter. Acrelec can create custom kiosk designs and placement for the best fit in any quick-service restaurant.

The development of new technology and changes in consumer habits have led QSR customers today to seek increasingly efficient and friendly service. In 2004, Acrelec developed automated self-order kiosks that were adapted both to sector professional constraints and to user needs and demands.

With self-order kiosks, orders can be taken in few minutes thanks to an intuitive, user-friendly software interface, where products are displayed as pictures and from which orders are automatically sent to the kitchen. Thanks to orders being processed within two minutes, queuing areas are less congested, customer numbers are on the increase and staff is more available to focus on service. “The kiosks are a perfect fit at points of sale that have to handle periods of high traffic. They help them avoid losing customers or having to force them to stand around,” says Pierre Delaunay, Acrelec marketing manager. “Customers no longer have to wait and they are more relaxed when they order.”

There are many benefits in terms of operational business management and sales improvement. Acrelec kiosks help to:
– Increase the average sale thanks to additional products that are systematically suggested when closing the order
– Increase the number of transactions
– Reduce the risk of errors when taking the order
– Build customer loyalty through a loyalty program
– Improve staff productivity
– Facilitate an intuitive discovery of the full range of products

Currently, Acrelec has established self-order kiosks in more than 30 countries worldwide and systematically develops local structures to provide maintenance and proximity, quality support. 

About Acrelec:

An inventor of interactive, digital communications solutions for the catering sector, QSR and mass retail (self-order kiosks, menu boards, cash-in systems, etc.), Acrelec employs 100 people worldwide. The company is established in France, England, Belgium, Denmark, Morocco, the Netherlands, Romania and Taiwan. Acrelec is currently the leader in its market with over 3,000 equipped points of sale throughout the world.