""According to Gothamist.com, “Running and eating pizza: it’s the sport of kings. Yesterday’s 2nd annual Pizza Run saw New Yorkers zipping through Tompkins Square Park on a 2.25 mile race to see who can endure a race that includes three breaks for pizza without vomiting and going home. This would have been the perfect opportunity to test that pizza-cone technology we’ve been hearing so much about.”

“According to the Daily News, 23-year-old Peter O’Rourke won, with a time of 15 minutes and 24 seconds. “The pizza was good,” he said, “but I couldn’t enjoy it. This was fun, but I don’t want pizza for dinner.” Which is a damn shame because it appears that some of the prizes were “free passes to Scott’s Pizza tours!” Despite the organizer’s dubious claim that “[Pizza] goes down well when you’re running,” it has to be easier than the infamous sixteen mile Stroganoff Sojourn (“Feel the Burn, Taste The Beef”).”

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