PARAMUS, NJ – DuBay Specialty Foods, LLC announces the introduction of Great’a Tomat’a®, a new patented seasoning created to sprinkle on fresh sliced or diced tomatoes to dramatically improve their taste instantly.  This first ever tomato enhancement seasoning provides a nature-identical flavor profile similar to fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes.  

          As easy to use as salt or pepper, Great’a Tomat’a provides a sequence of tart, tangy sensations followed by a delicious burst of fresh tomato flavor with a mouthwatering ending. 

          The unique formula produces extraordinary mouthfeel and sensory perception.  It dissolves upon contact, leaving no tell-tale signs, residue or gritty texture. 

          Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in the United States with over 5 billion pounds of commercially-grown tomatoes consumed each year. 

Commercially-grown tomatoes must be picked from the vine while still green and unripe, because they would spoil before reaching stores if they were allowed to ripen first.  Unfortunately, this premature harvesting interrupts the tomato’s natural vine-ripening process, reducing flavor, aroma, color and juiciness levels, resulting in what consumers complain about as “cardboard tasting” tomatoes. 

          When sprinkled on tomatoes, Great’a Tomat’a’s virtually-ripening effect adds back everything nature intended, including garden-fresh tomato flavor, aroma and color.

Great’a Tomat’a is ideal on sliced or diced tomatoes used in sandwiches, salads, burgers, tacos, omelettes and more.  It can also be used in recipes for a distinctive dash of vine-ripened tomato flavor.

          “I created Great’a Tomat’a because I love tomatoes, but I hate tomatoes that taste like cardboard,” said Robert DuBay, who spent four years on his quest to create a tomato enhancement seasoning to improve bland tasting tomatoes.  “Tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods in the world, and I believe people will enjoy them more and eat more if we can bring back the taste.”

          Great’a Tomat’a® is available for commercial use from DuBay Specialty Foods, LLC.  For more information, visit, email or call 201-261-8440.

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