“The search is on for a prized piece of pizza. That’s right, a cash reward is being offered for a missing pizza slice named Pepe from Portales. He was a popular pizza slice, especially at Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake in Portales. Pepe’s supreme smile would draw in customers, and make for a unique dining experience. And he could dance.”

“Pepe is huge for us; everybody comes in and they want to see Pepe,” explained Portales’ Papa Murphy’s co-owner, Oma Jones.  “You can have a bad day and Pepe comes up and makes you smile, and all the kids love him. “He’s a vital part of our business.”

But Pepe is missing. Flyers with his picture are posted around town. The mascot was stolen from a basketball game at Greyhound Arena last Thursday where Papa Murphy’s was one of the sponsors.”We were just having Pepe talk with all the kids and dance,” Jones recalled.  “We just put him away to have him take a rest for the guys’ game, and he wasn’t there anymore.” When Pepe went for his costume for the next game, all that was left were his feet and his hands.

“I’m assuming somebody put him on and ran out the door,” said Jones.  “He was very disappointed because he had all of his dance moves planned out for the basketball game, and he wasn’t able to perform them.” Campus police were notified, but no one noticed a giant piece of pizza on the loose.

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