Schu’s Hospitality Group Introduces Hospitality AdvantEdge

St. Joseph, MI (September 30, 2009) – Schu’s Hospitality Group in partnership with BoLa Marketing is introducing an innovative consultancy that is uniquely focused on setting new restaurant standards in guest hospitality. For 100 years Schuler’s Restaurant in historic Marshall Michigan has been distinguished for their incomparable brand of warm engaging guest hospitality. “Today more than ever building deep meaningful relationships with your guests are essential for business survival”. Guest loyalty and advocacy is what’s required and that is why we are starting this consultancy and introducing the Hospitality AdvantEdge TM” announced Larry Schuler President of Schuler’s Restaurant and Schu’s Hospitality Inc.” We know it’s a challenging time and we want to be able share our secret ingredient for longevity. Scope of services will include packaged consulting engagements, management contracts, and total concept development.” “Bola Marketing specializes in customer experience design and is the perfect partner to help organizations implement Hospitality AdvantEdgeTM.”

“We are very excited to be working with Schu’s Hospitality Group” said Bob Howard Principle Partner of BoLa Marketing. “Loyalty cannot be bought only frequency of guest visits. To create real guest loyalty requires authentic guest connection not coupons and loyalty cards. We create that experience which meaningfully bonds organizations with their valued guests”. Bob added “We aim to eliminate guest churnover and turn guests into loyal business building advocates. Schuler’s longevity is not just fine food and atmosphere it centers on sincere guest care and it’s fantastic they are ready to share that knowledge”

While Schu’s Hospitality Group partnership with BoLa Marketing will focus on the restaurant and hotel industry they will also provide consulting help to other business segments where customer connection is critical. “The principles of Hospitality AdvantEdgeTM travel easily beyond our restaurant to many service and retail sectors” noted Larry Schuler. “I know we can help any business build better relationships with their customers and enjoy the benefits of real not bought loyalty.” We are pleased to help others businesses learn the special secret ingredient our success!”

About Schu’s Hospitality LLC.

Founded in 1989, Schu’s Hospitality LLC includes the landmark Schu’s Grill and Bar ,celebrating its 20th year, and the new Schu’s Hospitality Group dedicated to setting new restaurant standards in guest hospitality and the best practices in seasonal food service operations. Proud to be located on the Lake Michigan shoreline in beautiful St. Joseph Michigan, Schu’s Hospitality LLC is a vital part of the local community. For more information about Schu’s Hospitality LLC, visit the website at .

About BoLa Marketing LLC.

Founded in 2008, BoLa Marketing LLC. is our key partner whose mission is to create durable long term growth from the inside client organizations. BoLa Marketing specializes in developing customer experience designs that build customer loyalty and advocacy. Located in Anderson Township in Cincinnati, Ohio BoLa Marketing is also actively involved doing work in kind with many local area businesses providing mentoring marketing support. Email Bob Howard Principle Partner at .