School Lunch Rooms Offer Pizza with Approved Child Nutrition Label

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – Students in Palm Beach County Schools will be treated to a new gourmet pizza for lunch this year, which is the only pizza manufactured in Florida with a USDA approved child nutrition label.

Delray Beach-based Caliendo Foods was awarded the contract with the Palm Beach County School District to provide pizzas for student lunches.  Among the pizzas by Caliendo Foods available to local schools are regular and whole wheat crust cheese and pepperoni. The cheese and whole wheat crust cheese have the child nutrition label. All of the pizzas meet nutritional guidelines and standards and are manufactured locally.

“Our pizzas look and taste like authentic New York- style pizza but they are made right here in Florida,” said Anthony Caliendo, whose company imports authentic Italian foods from Italy. “Keeping the business in Florida is good for the economy.”

Caliendo hopes to expand to other school districts with the pizzas as well as add even more choices in toppings such as sausage and meatball and possibly individual serving sizes.

Caliendo wants to take school pizza to the next level. Students in Palm Beach County will enjoy pizzas made with real whole milk mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and a specially made sauce all baked in a gourmet crust.  Two of the pizza pies come with the approved child nutrition label. “I want the moms to hear from their kids that their school has the best pizza there is,” Caliendo said.

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