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Scan This High-Tech Tattoo and Get Pizza Delivered to Your Doorstep

Remember how your mom said you’d regret getting that tattoo one day? Well, maybe she’s right, but here’s one tattoo that really delivers. Pizza Hut UK has developed a scannable tat that lets you order a pizza!

The temporary tattoo attaches to your skin similarly to the classic lick-and-stick variety, but it’s tricked out with Near Field Communication technology and a QR code. Once you’ve set up an account with Pizza Hut UK and created your favorite order, you simply hover your phone over the tattoo and your app opens and your order appears. Choose carryout or delivery, then confirm the order with a click, and the order is placed.

Like many of Pizza Hut’s gimmicks, it’s a limited-time deal, with only 40 stickers being offered. says the technology has “a Big Brother aspect,” adding, “These tattoos know where you live. And what kind of pizza you like. So once the tattoo is scanned, Pizza Hut knows exactly what kind of pie to prepare and where to deliver it.”

Of course, that sounds like pretty much every ordering app on your smartphone right now, but you can't flash an app on your bicep to impress the ladies.