SC Eatery Hopes to Take Pizza Cone National

According to a news report from, “Visitors to Pino Gelato often scrunch their faces incredulously when they see its latest culinary curiosity: the pizza cone.”

“The Hilton Head Island shop’s operators then enlighten them. The pizza cone is not a pizza-flavored brand of gelato — a low-fat, high-density, ice cream-like product,” said the story. “Rather, it is a doughy shell filled with a slice-and-a-half’s worth of pizza ingredients and baked in a carousel-style oven. The product, sometimes called Pizza Hands, is common in much of the world but remains a novelty in North America — for now. Pino Gelato has formed a joint venture with Cono Italiano, the North American subsidiary of Pizza Hands, to make and distribute the cones across the continent, Pino Gelato president Ramona Fantini said.”

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