Sbarro is turning up the heat with the newest addition to their menu, the 3 Pepper Chicken Pizza. The premium offering features fresh ingredients, fierce flavors and a custom blend of jalapeño, poblano and red peppers.

Every premium 3 Pepper Chicken Pizza starts with dough that is made fresh daily, then topped with Sbarro’s signature San Marzano – style tomato sauce. Poblano pesto, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, fresh jalapeños, pepper jack cheese and 100% whole milk mozzarella complete the premium pizzas.

The limited time only item will arrive in select Sbarro eateries on November 19 and be available through December 31, 2014.

According to data from the Kalsec® US HeatSync index, consumption of hot and spicy foods is on the rise. The new entrée reflects a recent trend in consumer demand for spicier foods.

“Consumer palates are evolving, and people are searching for flavors that offer a little kick,” said Dwayne Adams, Sbarro’s VP of Culinary. “We plan to continue to bring new and innovative recipes to our menu in 2015.”

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About Sbarro

Since it first opened its doors as an Italian Salumeria in 1956, Sbarro has brought a taste of the true Italian spirit to guests every day at its more than 800 eateries across 40 countries. An award-winning franchise organization, Sbarro features a menu of popular Italian favorites including pizza, pasta and salad dishes. Sbarro is headquartered in Columbus, OH. For more information, visit

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