• The Perverted Book Club bought $1,000 worth of pizza to host erotic readings at the Sbarro location in Manhattan’s Pennsylvania Station.
  • Now we know why Sbarro is Michael Scott’s “favorite New York pizza joint.”

Sbarro just got sexier. A lot sexier, thanks to a recent gathering of the Perverted Book Club at the pizza chain’s Pennsylvania Station location in Manhattan.

Now we know why it’s Michael Scott’s “favorite New York pizza joint.” But, let’s face it: The character from “The Office” probably would have giggled all the way through the “erotic readings” hosted in the restaurant on Saturday, December 17.

As the New York Times reports, organizers Matt Starr and Zach Roif prefer “nontraditional reading spaces” for their book club’s gatherings. For the pre-Christmas event, they reserved the Sbarro basement. To convince the franchise’s management, they had to buy $1,000 worth of pizza.

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“We just view it as an investment for now,” Roif told the Times. “We don’t want to charge a cover yet.”

According to the Times article, Sbarro customers dined as usual upstairs while, on the floor below, the club’s readers shared their sexed-up favorites from books like John Giorno’s “You’ve Got to Burn to Shine” and rapper Ghostface Killah’s song, “Stapleton Sex.” Now and then, a curious child slipped downstairs to check out the commotion in the basement, only to be snatched up by a parent “who overheard some snippet of the night’s X-rated offerings.”

One reader, Jayson Buford, said he heard about the event from his mother a few weeks before, but he didn’t believe her. After all, he said, “Real New Yorkers don’t go to Sbarro.”

Starr and Roif own a small press called Dream Baby and were inspired to create the Perverted Book Club in part by a live punk show held at a Denny’s restaurant. The Times article didn’t mention whether the club would meet again at the Sbarro store, but the book club founders have big dreams for their events.

“We want to sell out Madison Square Garden,” Roif told the Times. “We want to have 15 nights like Harry Styles.”

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