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Save Your Dough

According to a story on”for all you aspiring pizzaioli, let’s get one thing out of the way right now. Try as you might, you’re going to have a tough time replicating the pies produced by your favorite pizza-maker.”

“But you can come pretty darn close. While the standard home oven can’t hold a flame to the high radiant heat of the professional brick or wood-burning variety, by following some basic dough-making principles, you can create a flavorful pizza with a stellar crust that will likely save you some trips to the local pizzeria.As popular as pizza has always been, its standing in the culinary community seems to rise with each passing year, as restaurateurs, from Wolfgang Puck to Mario Batali, stake their reputations — and their enterprises — on their signature pizzas.Even local restaurateur Tracy Borkum is banking on gourmet pizza to bolster her recent transformation of the former Laurel restaurant into a casual Italian-American eatery, Cucina Urbana.With pizza’s growing esteem has come a budding passion among home cooks for reproducing the pies they’ve come to crave when eating out,” the story said.