Table settings at fine French restaurants traditionally include a unique utensil used to relish every last drop of the savory sauces that are the hallmark of French cuisine.

In his book “French Lessons,” Peter Mayle aptly describes this wonderfully-efficient tool as the “genteel” method to convey the sauce from one’s plate to one’s mouth.

Even the “Michelin Guide” will not award its coveted third star unless a restaurant has a refined environment…and each place setting has its own sauce spoon.

More than just a soup spoon with a flattened bowl, the sauce spoon is specifically designed with an ever-so-slightly-raised rim that retains the sauce by capillary action after the “fish” indentation has allowed for the overflow of any excess quantity.

The sauce spoon is not just for the French anymore!  Imported by Savoir Vivre, the sauce spoon is now available in the United States to assist gourmets from the Atlantic to Pacific in his and her quest to savor fine sauces to the very last drop.

SAUCE SPOON:  Beautifully-crafted in England in heavy silverplate.  Baguette style compliments all table patterns.  7.75” long.  A necessary component to every table setting.  $30 each, $325 per dozen. 

BACKGROUND:  Savoir Vivre is in the business of finding and importing unusual food-and-wine-related wares for distribution in the United States.  Among our items are Marrow Spoons, Champagne Whips, Ebony and Horn Salad Servers, Truffle Serving Sets, Sterling Grape Scissors, Horn Asparagus Servers, and more.


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