Saturday is Vegan Pizza Day

According to Northern Virginia Magazine, “This Saturday (29th) is Vegan Pizza Day so celebrate by eating a Vegan Pizza!”

“As a gung-ho meat eater I first ordered a vegan pizza in college, and as the waiter left our table with our orders, I immediately regretted my decision.  I started to day dream about a meat lover’s pizza toppled with crispy pepperonis, crunchy bacon bits, piquant salami with juicy sausages jumbled over and beneath the cheese…until my vegan pizza was set before me and it was surprisingly very delicious and filling!  Although I’m a true meat eater and must eat some sort of meat twice a day (at least) to fulfill my finicky stomach, my mouth can appreciate vegan pizzas and other vegan cuisine such as salads and even sandwiches (initially it may seem as though the star of the sandwich is m.i.a.). ZPizza is celebrating this day by offering vegan slices all day on Saturday in addition to the usual offering of whole vegan pizzas. They want to show the rest of the world that vegan pizza is scrumptious and that it can be enjoyed by everyone (even the hard core carnivores).”