Satisfied Customers Spread the Good Word for Matero’s Pub & Pizza

According to, “from the outside, Matero’s Pub & Pizza doesn’t look like an attraction that would draw people from miles around.”

“There isn’t anything wrong with the building, but it doesn’t necessarily jump out. But the food does. The restaurant, on Highway 66 in Polonia, has begun to attract patrons from as far away as Shawno and Marshfield and everywhere in between. Though it’s been open about a year, business has picked up during the summer as word of mouth has spread.”

“‘A lot of people, 10 to 15, kept telling me I had to try this place,’ said Lani Tierney, 66, who now frequently makes the 20 minute or so drive from her home on Second Lake, near Junction City. ‘They just have such good food.'”

“Owner Chris Daniels has heard the story repeated numerous times. Someone, usually from Polonia, swings by to test out the new place. They like what they taste, and ask for a few take-out menus for their workplace. Then a few weeks later, the co-workers start to appear.” the story said.